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Dr. Kamal Omer Abdalla

Associate Professor



Location: Gadarif, Sudan


Dr. Kamal Omer Abdalla C. Clinical Biochemistry, C. migration management is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology in the Faculties of Medicine, Medical Lab Sciences and Nursing as well as HOD and Director, Directorate of Scientific Research & External Relations at the University of Gadarif in Sudan; His courses include Structural, Functional and Nutritional Biochemistry, Nutrition &, Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics. He has been successfully achieving his administrative, research and teaching responsibilities. Dr. Abdalla is a capable and dedicated biochemist, biologist, clinical scientist, nutritionist, educator, researcher, thinker, writer, manager, and leader who is very keen towards his responsibilities, community service and development. Dr. Abdalla loves challenges and works well under pressure. Based on his research and fellowship trainings Dr. Abdalla has received several awards and honors, such as 7 times cash prizes awarded by the University of Gadarif for excellence in authorship & community service, permanent residence permit in the Republic of South Africa under the category of extraordinary skills, UCT international academic scholarship for academic merits, research bursary, and full scholarship to study in the former Soviet Union and the Netherlands and cash prize in his early school studies as talented pupil. Dr. Abdalla is serving as an editorial board member of tenths of reputed scientific Journals and is an advisory board member for several local & international scientific organizations. He has authored over 100 research articles, handouts and 7 scientific books.

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