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Photo of Dr. Kamal A. Abdalla Sami

Dr. Kamal A. Abdalla Sami

Location: Al Ain, UAE
Anniversary: January 1, 1999


Professional Experience as a Consultant and Supervisor for many Spatial data projects in the fields of Geomatics engineering, Geodesy, hydrographic and GIS. Lecturer of many subjects in the field of satellite, physical and geometrical geodesy, surveying engineering. Dr. Sami is a member of many Engineering societies, engineering Councel, University Senate and international relevant associations. Dr Sami is the Head of Surveying Section at the University and Municipality, Director and projects manager. Six years as Chairman of the editorial Board and Editor in Chief of the Sudanese Engineering Society Journal and newsletters. Dr Sami has Many referred papers and seven books (in Arabic) in the fields of Geometrical, astronamical, physical, and satellite geodesy – Mine and hydrographic surveying- Pascal and C++ Programming.

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