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Location: Oviedo, Spain


Jesús Ángel del Brío González is a Doctor of Business Administration and Management from the University of Oviedo and Professor of the University in the Business Organization Department of the Business Administration Department of the University of Oviedo since November 2001. He has also been Professor of University in the commission of services in the Carlos III University of Madrid during the years 2002-2004. In relation to the research activity, three fundamental research lines are distinguished. An initial, derived from my Doctoral Thesis: environmental management and corporate social responsibility. The second line of research is the direction of human resources. And, finally, the third line emanates from the coordination work in the Master of Cultural Management of the Carlos III University on the analysis of the cultural industry in Spain. In the lines of research studied, 18 articles have been published in journals indexed in JCR, many of them cited in articles by authors who, in turn, have published in said sources. Likewise, 31 articles have been published in Spanish journals indexed in IN-RECS or in Latindex, as well as in other foreign ones with a blind review process. In addition, another group of articles has been published in journals with less impact and/or more informative. Three book chapters have been published (without considering the procedure of the congresses with ISBN in which all the papers presented at the congress were published) and a book in the prestigious CIVITAS publishing house, catalogued in more than 30 Spanish universities. They have also presented, and in many cases defended papers and communications. He has participated in 18 projects and research contracts. (1 contract, 1 project ofthe Banco Herrero Foundation, 2 projects of the University of Oviedo, 5 projects of the Principality of Asturias and 9 national projects). Among them, stands out the project of the Banco Herrero Foundation, of annual duration, in which the applicant has been the principal and only investigator of the same. All this work of dissemination of results has been recognized by the ANECA obtaining the applicant THREE sexenios of investigation for the periods: 1996-2001, 2002-2007 and 2008-2013. As for the teaching activity, classes have been taught at the University of Oviedo and the Carlos III University of Madrid since October 1995, in different centres and subjects. Both in bachelor’s degrees, technical and higher engineering, degrees, official master’s and master’s degrees. It has numerous positive evaluations and the recognition of four five-year periods. From the experience and dedication to teaching, three books have been published. Two of them address topics related to Business Economics adapted to the EHEA, widely used as a basic bibliography in subjects of many Spanish universities. The third book is material for Human Resources. Finally, consultancy work has been carried out in the field of cultural management for the Coordinator of Performing Arts Fairs (COFAE). The result of this work has been published a book titled THE FAIRS OF SCENIC ARTS IN SPAIN: SATISFACTION AND BUSINESS.


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