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Photo of Dr. Izzat Taha

Dr. Izzat Taha

Location: Khartoum, Sudan
Website: Sudanese hut


Izzat was born in Khartoum – Sudan, graduated as a Soil scientist in the faculty of Agriculture U of K, got his M. Sc. in Environmental Studies and a higher Diploma in Environment Management from TU Dresden- Germany. Furthermore, he abtained his Ph.D. degree in Agriculture too. He started his professional career as a soil inspector, shortly after he introduced environment in his studies and read for Master degree in Environmental impacts of pesticides and continued with environment to get his Ph.D. Too. He currently works as a professor of soils/environment in the National Center for Research. He lead and participated in many research projects dealing with the problem of food security, soil productivity and climate change. Besides organic farming and its applications in Sudan. He is a member of the editorial board of Albuhuth Journal of NCR, scientific societies inside and outside Sudan, and known resource person in Agriculture and Environment.

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