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Location: Riyadh, KSA
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Saudi Arabia Riyadh KSA


Biological and environmental sciences disciplines including ecology, physiology, human biology, and environmental impact assessment. Other courses include research and experimental design.
Juba University (Sudan) 1/10/1987-27/2/2007. As lecturer and assistant professor
Bahri University (Sudan) 28/2/2007-8/7/2011). As assistant and associate professor
Al Jouf University (KSA) 11/11/2011-11/8/2014. As associate professor.
IAU KSA 14/12/2015 to date. As associate professor
PhD Biological Science. University of Durham (UK), 30/6/1994.
MSc Environmental Studies. University of Gezira (Sudan), 1/8/1987.
BSc Honours Natural Resources and Environmental Studies. University of Juba (Sudan), 28/12/1982

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