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Dr. Hassan Hamdoun

Specialist Network Designer



Location: Ipswich, UK


Hassan is currently a specialist network designer at British Telecoms(BT), Adastral park, Ipswich. He is leading the BT’s 5G/IoT end-to-end solutions for mobile IP transport and is the design authority for DNS for the EE network- mobile arm of BT. He was a senior research engineer in BT’s Research and Innovation, Future Consumer Applications & Services Labs, where he researched and designed video delivery solutions over 4G mobile networks. He has also delivered for BT on the 5GXcast EU collaboration project, developing technologies for multicast and broadcast services in 5G networks. A Telecommunications professional with PhD in 4G wireless networks and over 10 years research and industry experience in wireless and IP networks and ICT networks energy and performance management. He has over 30 publications in highly reputed international conferences and journals on 4G, 5G, wireless networking, ICT sustainability, data analytics in telecommunications and energy efficient networking. He co-authored a chapter on 5G for a Wiley/IEEE book (in press). He serves as reviewer and TPC member for several IEEE and non-IEEE transactions conferences and other telecoms/networking journals. He has worked in technical and research roles for multinational technology and consultancy companies and research organizations in the UK and Africa. At Leyton, UK (Glasgow) as an R&D technical consultant conducting technical assessments and feasibility studies for R&D projects and grants for SMEs in software, networking and telecommunications sectors; University of Aberdeen and RCUK digital economy research hub as an Internet engineering research fellow developing differentiated services models and broadband solutions for rural areas using satellite and WiFi technologies. He also contributed to development of healthcare and transport models utilizing cloud-computing technologies as a data-based modelling and analytics research fellow at the same university; Swansea University and Mobile VCE green-radio consortium as a wireless researcher where he focused on the energy efficiency of 4G cellular mobile networks; Zain group (Sudan) as a radio support engineer leading the implementation of 2.5G and 3G in Sudan; Central Bank of Sudan and Electronic Banking Services (EBS) company (Sudan) as a system engineer building the first electronic payment network. Obtained his PhD in Advanced Telecommunications from Swansea University in 2014. His research focused on wireless networks energy metrics and models and energy efficient protocol design for 4G LTE and LTE-A. He hold an MSc (ENG) (with distinction) in Electronics Engineering (University of Sheffield, UK) and a BSc (Hons) in Electrical Engineering (University of Khartoum, Sudan). He is a member of the IEEE (USA) and IET (UK), Fellow of the UK higher education academy, a chartered Engineer at Sudanese Engineering council and a certified carbon consultant expert from European Energy Center, UK and EU Centro Studio Galileo.

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