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Dr. Hana Bekele



Location: Harare, Zimbabwe


Dr Hana Bekele works for the World Health Organization. She leads programmes to strengthen routine nutrition information systems and the scaling up of nutrition in East and Southern Africa. She also served as technical lead on quality of care for child health programmes under a regional centre and quality of care project and as a researcher at the former Ethiopian Nutrition Institute leading studies on food consumption, iron deficiency anaemia in women, and vitamin A deficiency in children. She also collaborated on the writing of manuscripts on the evaluation of vitamin A supplementation programmes, the performance of outpatient therapeutic programmes, and assessment of iron deficiency anaemia in women in Ethiopia. She contributed to the development of training tools on essential nutrition actions and served as a trainer to build capacities of health workers in the region. Dr Bekele graduated in Medicine from Addis Abab University and specialised in public health at Heidelberg University; she received a PhD in nutritional science from Oklahoma State University.

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