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George Omedo

Strategy and Partnership Lead



Location: Nairobi, Kenya


George Omedo’s professional experience is in Agriculture and other sectors playing a role in managing an integrated agribusiness. Help developing  more resilient structures in the agribusiness value chain; encouraging the use of climate-smart inputs to increase production of crops and livestock; promoting appropriate innovative farm mechanization; endorse value addition; back financial inclusion; supporting entrepreneurship in agribusiness; influencing government policies towards agricultural development and encouraging intra-Africa trade. Fix broken links in the chain from farms to markets in African communities:Help farmers access technologies and solutions.
Inclusive Agribusiness Bootcamp; Certificate in Project Management and Evaluation and monitoring; Careerpoint Solutions; Fellow; Impact Business Leaders-Ashesi University, Accra Ghana; Certificate in Computer Applications; Miradi Techno Services; Certificate in Pre-University National Youth Service Training (Basic Military Course)

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