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Dr. Galal Mohamed Ismail



Location: Buraimi, Oman


ADMINISTRATION RESPONSIBILITIES: Coordinator of the learning development scheme, faculty of optometry and visual science, Elneelain University, Sudan; Chairman of the Optometry & Laser Committee at the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organisation; Deputy Chairman of the Optometry Sector at the Sudanese National Council for Medical and Health Professions; Teaching and learning promoter at the faculty of optometry; and Teaching the Binocular Vision and Visual Optics modules in the BS (Hons), Foundation Degree and Master courses.
Subject and post Interest: my research was in early detection of ocular changes in relation to ocular and systemic diseases. The study was clinical and related to all clinical instruments. I would like to engage in work that provides clinical and training ocular services and eye primary care. It will be an ultimate aim applying the academic acquired experiences with the clinical practise in ophthalmology specialities.

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