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Prof. Evawany Aritonang



Location: Medan, Indonesia


Evawany Aritonang is graduated from Faculty of Agriculture In the university of North Sumatera. Post graduate (Master) and Doctoral program from Bogor Agricultural Institute in field community nutrition. He works as a lecturer in Health and Community Nutrition Department, Faculty of Public Health Medan University of North Sumatera since 1993 until now. The research that is presented or published:- 1) The Importance of Customer Service Excellence Toward Increasing Patient’s Satisfaction (An Objectively Verifiable Indicator Survey in Puskesmas Improvement Plant Project in Jambi). Presented at International Symposium on Public Health. Medan 15 – 17 October 2009; 2) Mother’s Behavior about Food Pattern of Autism Children at Tali Kasih Foundation in Medan City. Published in Medical Journal of Indonesia Volume 1/No 1/ Jan/2009: 102-107; 3) Nutrient Adequacy of Elderly in Guna Budi Bakti in Nursing Home: A Pilot Study in Medan City Indonesia
Malaysian Journal of Health Science.

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