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Photo of Dr. Ernawati Nasution

Dr. Ernawati Nasution

Location: Medan, Indonesia


Dr. Ernawati Nasution: born in Medan, January 12, 1970. Occupation: Lecturer of Faculty of the Public Health University of North Sumatera. Education: University of North Sumatera S1 graduated in 1993 in Public Health, Master of Health of the University of Gadjah Mada majoring in Public Health Sciences / Nutrition Management. Studies that have been done:- 1) New Child Growth Disorders picture Elementary School District No. 060 834 Village West White Sei Petisah Medan District in 2005 (Team Leader); 2) Response Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) on Under Five Children Through the Empowerment of Poor Families in District Medan Tuntungan 2005 (Team Member); 3) The study of foods and beverages that are sold around the school and the habit of  eating snacks primary school children in Kemenangan Tani Village in District Medan Tuntungan in 2009 (team member);

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