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Dr. Elobeid Abdelraheim Elobeid



Location: Omdurman, Sudan


Dr Elobeid Abdelraheim Elobeid graduated from the University of Egypt in 1981 and worked as Block Inspector from 1982 until 2000. He attained his MSc (1998) in Animal Production Science at the Faculty of Animal Production, Khartoum University, Sudan and his PhD (2007) in Poultry Production at the Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Poultry Production, Omdurman Islamic University. He joined Omdurman Islamic University as a lecturer in the Department of Poultry Production, Faculty of Agriculture, in 2000. He became Assistant Professor at the university in 2001 and is currently Head of the Department of Poultry Production in the Faculty of Agriculture. He is a collaborative lecturer on Animal Physiology courses. His research interests cover poultry and ostrich rearing, housing, nutritional behaviour and incubation of ostrich eggs and their problems.

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