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Photo of Dr. Elnayer H Suliman

Dr. Elnayer H Suliman

Location: Gedarif, Sudan


Dr. Elnayer is Associate Research Professor, Head of Entomology Division, Gedarif Research Station, Agricultural Research Corporation. He got degrees in Agricultural Sciences (Plant Protection, B.Sc. Hon. 1996) from Sudan University of Sciences and Technology and M. Sc. In Entomology (M.Sc., 2000) and Pesticides & Toxicology (Ph.D, 2015) from University of Gezira. Dr. Suliman conducts research on the IPM, Screening and breeding sorghum for resistance to insect pests, Insect ecology, insect behavior, {chemical control for sorghum, sunflower and Sesame insect pests} and climate change. Also Dr. Suliman works as team leader for different project concerning sustainable development in eastern Sudan. Also he works as team member in different national and international projects, viz., and Sustainable intensification of sorghum-legume system to improve livelihood and adaptation to climate change in Semi-Arid areas of Eastern and Central Africa (ECA, Breeding of sorghum for resistance to bio-agents.[/su_spoiler]

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