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Dr. Elida Mataj

Chief of Environmental Epidemiology



Location: Tirana, Albania


Dr. Elida Mataj gained her PhD at the University of Studies, Faculty of Medicine, Public Health Department in Milano Italy (2008–2012), and is currently a Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Albanian University Tirana, Albania. Epidemiologist Doctor at the Institute of Public Health, at the Department of Health and Environment since 1999. Has supervised one MSc student was a supervisor in the implementation of national infectious disease information system (ALERT), organised by the WHO, the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Institute 2000. Supervised a national project on the “Evaluation of vaccine coverage in the population” organised by WHO, Ministry of Health and the Public Health Institute. Supervised in the application of measles and rubella vaccine in the 0–15 year age group, organised by UNICEF, the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Institute. Coordinator of the project supported by the Ministry of Education and Science entitled: Indoor air pollution and health impact in Albanian schools (2007–2009). Was the coordinator of the project supported by Regional Environmental Agency (REC) entitled: “Health risks associated with the use of swimming pools” (2009–2010) and was coordinator and project manager of the study entitled: “Assessment of exposure to indoor air pollutants in schools – WHO pilot survey in Albania”, organised by the WHO Office, Bonn, Germany (2011–2013). Author and co-author of many publications.

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