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Eka Ruriani



Location: East Java, Indonesia


Eka Ruriani is a lecturer and scientist with master degree (M.Si. Agroindustrial Technology), at Department of Agroindustrial Technology, Bogor Agricultural University. Since the year 2006, she has worked at Department of Technology of Agricultural Products, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Jember University, Jember, East Java, Indonesia. Her experience and special trainings are Alternative Energy Production and Management in Japan (2010) and Marketing Strategy and Research in Netherland (2011). Some topics of her research are Process Development of Bioethanol Production from Corncob by Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation, Production of Cassava Sour Starch by Fermentation Using Acid Lactic Bacteria, and The Synthesize of Galactooligosaccharide Enzimatically Using β-Galactosidace Enzyme from Aspergillus oryzae. Since 2011 she is the secretary of Indonesian Food Technologist Association for Jember Region. She was also a manager of the executive editor of J Agroteknologi (Indonesian Journal was published by Jember University) in 2011.

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