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Mohamed Albeshr

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Anniversary: January 1, 1999


I am always open to new learning opportunities that will add value to my professional career. My purpose for PhD program is to strengthen my skills in my profession as strategic leader in my organization. I would also like to complete this degree to prepare for a career in the research and teaching Public Administration Policies and Strategies management and prepare for leadership position in higher education in the future. I believe that each of us must give something back to society, the essence of success can avoids the limits of personal ambitions, there must always look for the better in order to work hard to gain access to the best. The Doctorate in Public Administration Policies and Strategies is the next step in achieving my goal to prepare for an academic career in the future. My goals to grow with the organization, gain the competency and skills needed to deal with internal and external challenges and make a remarkable difference in my organization. And to provide expert advice in developing strategies for blended learning, managing learning systems and accessing a range of quality interventions including e-Learning technologies. I am using this software to meet professionals from different organizations, exchange new ideas and ways of doing things, and benchmark my organization’s performance against the performance elsewhere to assess the effectiveness of my organization.

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