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Djegolbe Yaro Passem

Co-Founder and Vice President



Location: N’Djamena, Chad


Djegolbe Yaro Passem is a change maker, social entrepreneur and community builder, Global Goodwill Ambassador, Global Peace Ambassador and Ambassador Cuenta Conmigo NGO . Djegolbe is a Cofounder and Vice Chair of African Developpment Cooperation Organization (ADECO), Co- founder/financial and administrative director of a startup named Sahel Batiment Travaux Pubics (SAHEL BTP), Country Director African NGOs Development Network of Chad (AND-NET), Co-founder and Vice President Union des Jeunes Ressortissants du Mayo-kebbi Ouest pour le Développement (UJERMOD) a youth-led organization that promote leadership and entrepreneurship for sustainable development in Chad. Djegolbe Cofounded “Secours Environnement” an organization with the aim of participating in climate change protection in his country. Through his network with many young leaders across the Africa and the World; they founded Association des Jeunes Arc-en-ciel pour la Stabilite Sociale en Afrique (AJASSA) with the aim to promote unity, peace, security and the development of africa through social reintegration of young people. He is an exceptional in paying attention to detail and he is a transformational leader who has vision to lead change. He earned a degree in economics from Poma International Business University in Benin and a professional Diploma in research economics from Access Advanced College of Economics in Nigeria. Through his work both within and outside he prescribed organization, he knows how to see and meet the needs. He has an eye for detail and his enthusiasm is contagious. He is a diligent worker and makes sure that all of his bases are covered before taking any action. He is passionate about his work and his entourage. His passion and desire for youth development through leadership and entrepreneurship is truly a valuable asset to any community. Djegolbe is committed not only in his country, but all over the world. 

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