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Location: Mumbai, India


Dr. Daisy Joseph is an Indian Physicist. She obtained her PhD in Physics in the topic of “Study of X-ray spectra by photo,proton and heavy ion excitation “ from Mumbai University.She is an expert in EDXRF and PIXE and has around 100 publications in peer reviewed journals .She is the Associate Editor for Journal of Advances in basic Sciences, Bio-science journal. She has guided several PhD students from India. She has represented BARC, India for a large no of conferences, workshops in her field. She is a collaborator for the following institutes in India, Christ University, Bangalore,Karnatak University,Dharwad ,Punjab University, Chandigarh, SR and BGR college of Science, and Arts, Khammam, Andra Pradesh, National Institute of Manipur ,Langol ,Manipur University Department of Physics, Mumbai University,BITS Pilani,Rajasthan. She has reviewed articles of the following journals X-ray Spectrometry, Journal of Radiation Isotopes, Bio-Science Journal; Spectroscopy Letters. She is the author of a chapter in the book titled Advanced Trace Analysis. She is the Academic Editor of Synchrotron radiation published by IntechOpen Publishers.

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