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Cordelia Osewa-Ediae



Location: London, UK


Cordelia Osewa-Ediae Following a first degree in Politics, Cordelia worked in the private sector before acquiring a second degree in Business Management. Graduating with a First Class and an Outstanding Achievement award, she joined the Digital Inclusion team at the UK Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) where her remit included managing relationships with key Digital Inclusion stakeholders. This enabled her to deliver a research paper: ‘Intergenerational Practice and Digital Inclusion.’ Her next position was Business Development Manager with UK online centres. Recognising the link between social exclusion and digital exclusion, these England-wide centres were set up by the government in 1999 to provide public access to computers – with a vision of bridging social and digital inequality. A keen interest in community cohesion motivates her to work closely with The Adab Trust – a UK organisation dedicated to improving the employment outcomes for graduates from minority communities; Alongside contributing to the WASD forum, Cordelia is presently a Social Policy Researcher at Community Links – a London charity with over 30 years’ experience of working with practitioners and policymakers to deliver community projects and deliver evidence-based research.

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