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Prof. Bengt Henoch



Location: Jonkoping, Sweden


Bengt Henoch is a professor and research manager at Microwave Institute (ACREO) in the research and development of solid-state and identification systems. Prof. Bengt Henoch received is MSc Electrical Engineering, CTH, Gothenburg and PhD in Microwave Technology, KTH, Stockholm and BA in Sociology, Stockholm University. He was a Manager at KTH for research on microwave solid-state and Visiting Scientist at Stanford University since 1980. He was a Manager at Philips, Industrial Automation from 1980 to 1990 and also a Professor in Electronics in 1987-1997 at KTH. In 1997, he joined J̦nk̦ping University, planning education and research and directing a multidisciplinary research programme or Development processes in SMEs. Also Coordinating a Europe/Latin America university network for interregional SME collaboration. Presently strongly involved in diaspora research relative to Muslim and Vietnamese diaspora and the diaspora role in trade and enterprise formation in developing countries.

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