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Dr. Ayat Abuagla

Location: Khartoum, Sudan


Ayat Abuagla is Public Health Physician; Reproductive health and Health system expert. She has diverse work experience through positions in healthcare, academia and professional associations. She assumed positions in the Federal Ministry of Health including Head of Research and Publications at the National Human Resources for Health Observatory (NHRHO), Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Quality Directorate officer of the HR Development Directorate. Currently, she is involved in the SMSB at the International Relations office of the EDC centre. During her career she has been actively engaged in public health, reproductive health and health systems work at national, regional and global spheres. She travelled widely and attended several events and presented at several conferences on reproductive health and health system topics. She served as TDR/WHO Implementation Research advisor several times since piloting of the toolkit till present. Contribution related to reproductive health include Co-founder of Rebuilding Reproductive and Child Health System in Post Conflict Settings’ Initiative (ReReCHI); Leading investigator of the Innovative Participatory Health Education (IPHE) One of the Top 10 Educational Initiatives and Solutions Improving the Life of Girls and Women Worldwide by Women Deliver. She contributed to revival and strategic shift and focus on Human Resources for Health (HRH), these include: Leading investigator First Mapping of health and medical education pipeline survey; Principle Investigator of the Health Labour Market Study with WHO-HQ/EMRO/AFRO; Produced a medical doctorate thesis in 2013 titled: Magnitude, Trends and Implications of Health Professional Out-Migration in Sudan, 2012. As a result of the two-year research; a series of forums were conducted; dissemination meetings and roundtable all paving the way for the first milestone of a Migration Management Policy she is leading. Actively involved in advocacy for addressing health system and HRH challenges and Health worker migration in Sudan through organising meetings and participating in workshops and forums.

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