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Location: Maastricht, Netherlands
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Maastricht Netherlands


André A. de Waal is Associate Professor Strategic Management at the Maastricht School of Management. His teaching assignment is the course Strategic Performance Management and High-Performance Organisations. André is also Academic Director of the Center for Organizational Performance, an organization which conducts research into high-performance organizations. In addition, he is a guest lecturer at the Free University Amsterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam. André holds an MSc in Chemistry from Leiden University (the Netherlands), an MBA from Northeastern University Boston (USA) and a PhD in Economics from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (the Netherlands). André’s PhD thesis was on the topic of the role of behavioural aspects in the successful implementation and use of performance management systems. André has published over two hundred thirty articles and twenty-four books. André’s articles can be read on http://www.hpocenter.com and http://www.andredewaal.eu.

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