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Dr. Amani Abaza



Location: Alexandria, Egypt


Dr Amani Abaza is an Assistant Professor of Microbiology at the High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University. This unique institution in the Middle East offers postgraduate degrees in the areas of Public Health. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Medicine at Alexandria University in 1994 and earned her MD in Public Health (Microbiology) in 1999 and PhD in Public Health (Microbiology) in 2004. Her master’s thesis was entitled “Antigen Detection for Rapid Diagnosis of Acute Bacterial Pneumonia in Children”. Her doctoral thesis was entitled “Bacterial Profile of Diabetic Foot Lesions with Reference to the Role of Interleukin-1”. She has 7 publications in the field of microbiology with a special interest in medical and sanitary microbiology together with infection control and quality fields. She is involved in teaching, supervising and community serving activities and has attended and participated in 31 conferences and workshops. She is also a member of the Arab Society for Public Health and Environmental Protection and the Egyptian Society of Infection Control.

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