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Prof. Ali Saad Mohamed

Location: Khartoum, Sudan


Prof. Ali Saad Mohamed graduated from the University of Khartoum in 1971 as a veterinary surgeon. He was promoted to District Veterinary Officer in 1973 and worked as a Zoo Veterinary Officer from 1973-1975. In 1975 he was admitted to the College of Forestry and Natural Resources, Colorado State, USA, where he was awarded his MSc in 1977. He joined Sudan Agricultural Corporation and was promoted to associate research scientist in 1991. He attained his PhD (1994) from the Gezira University, Sudan. In 1997 he joined Sudan University of Science and Technology, where he was promoted to professor status in 2000. He has published about twenty-five papers in the field of wildlife and supervised four PhD candidates and ten MSc candidates. He is a member of the Sudan Veterinary Association, Sudan Environmental Society and Sudanese Wildlife Society.

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