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Dr. Ali Elbireer



Location: London, UK


Dr Elbireer is a progressive, innovation-focused, and results-driven Health executive with over 23 years’ experience in fostering strategic global partnership among private/public healthcare organizations in the USA/EU and Africa and creating sustainable knowledge-based systems for the developments of medical diagnostics, academic research, and not-for-profit organizations. His professional background encompasses positions from a Clinical Laboratory Scientist up to a CEO. He created sustainable medical institutions in Africa and supported the development of international public health services as well as diagnostics/preventive medicine, leadership education, quality patient care, and disease control in Africa. Furthermore, he created strategic partnerships with international professional and funding networks, including organizations such as the World Health Org. (WHO), CDC, USAID, UNAIDS, Gates Foundation, and the African Union (AU). Elbireer holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and a doctoral degree in healthcare administration (PhD) from the USA. He is a dedicated advocate for global health/diagnostics’ systems strengthening. He has published several manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals on Medical Laboratory science and the quality of medical services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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