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Prof. Ali Mohamed Adeeb



Location: Gazira, Sudan


Prof. Ali Mohamed Adeeb is Professor of Irrigation Engineering. He has PhD in Irrigation Engineering from Colorado State University 1984, M. Sc. (Engineering), From Washington State University, 1981 and BSc University of Khartoum (Agriculture – Mechanization), 1975. Now, he is a staff member at the Water Management and Irrigation Institute of the University of Gezira. Dr. Hassan Mohammed Ahmed is Associate Professor of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics & Administrative Science, University of Kassala, Sudan. He has PhD in Business Administration from Sudan University of Science & Technology 2005. M.Sc. in Business Administration (M.B.A.), University of Gezira 1998 and B.Sc. in Commerce from the University of Cairo in Khartoum 1986.

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