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Alan Dean

Managing Director

Location: Sevenoaks, UK


25 years of enjoyment, unlocking human talent by building teams through construction, community and media projects that have allowed ownership whist building self- esteem. Allowing people to restore their sense of worth. Alan’s working approach has led to the building of key relationships on 5 continents. With a deep understanding of value and cultures that helps support the development of the SDG’s in communities. Alan is an active listener with a passion to unearth those critical thinking skills, that lay dormant in so many. By looking at global problems and guiding people to create their own local solutions. While much of our work has been UK. Our energy for the past 4 years has been researching and developing links with the worlds educationalists on 5 continents. With the aim to engage and mentor young people within the age group 10 to 25 in the values of the SDG’s.

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