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Prof. Aida Mohamed El-Asfahani

Location: Al-Ain, UAE


Prof. Aida Mohamed El-Asfahani  is Professor of Nutrition and Food Science at the Faculty of Home Economics, Menoufia University, Egypt with MSc degree from Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Egypt; PhD degree from the University of Economics at Prague; and a subsequent Postdoctoral Fellow in the International Food and Nutrition program jointly organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Harvard University. Following an internship in Clinical Dietetics at the Illinois University Hospital and passing the dietetic registration examination, she became a registered dietitian (R.D.). She has published scholarly articles individually and collaboratively with scientists in Egypt and internationally. Her research interests include maternal and infant health and nutrition; assessment of dietary behaviour with a focus on eating patterns measurement, socioeconomic determinants and physiological functioning consequences of nutrition and malnutrition; and the role of both nutrition and food security in public health. In addition to her currently serving as Visiting Professor at the United Arab Emirates University, she has served as Department Chair and Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Home Economics, Menoufia University and she is a consultant in a variety of settings including government agencies in Egypt. She also held academic appointments in other universities such as the State University of New York-College at Oneonta; The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago; Sultan Qaboos University; King Abd AlAziz University; and Qatar University.

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