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Ahmed Sabry



Location: Riyadh, KSA


Since 2005, I have created my own plan for the year 2025, so as follow: Building a Strategic Loyalty Model, including methodologies and tools. As a result, it has been produced the most important methodology (Development Methodology Model), as to contain three components: Closed System: builds the relation between human and place through knowledge building in order to achieve the value (cognitive, social, economic, sovereign, etc) ending up with benefit system achieves sustainability; Qudrah Model to build High Capable Organizations, as to contain organizations of the five sectors achieving four frameworks (Value Building, Relation Between Sectors, Future Stability, Formation Stages); and Sustainability: achieving Bases, Rules, and Principles Standardization. As a result, forming Cognitive Program follows by Learning Program. In order to achieve this, I have worked in several executive and consulting positions. Recently I am establishing an alliance to fully implement this model.

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