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Dr. Ahmed Mohmed Adam Aldoma

Location: Khartoum, Sudan


Dr Ahmed Mohmed Adam Eldoma is Associate Professor at the College of Forestry and Range Science, Sudan University of Science and Technology. He has worked as an ACF at The Forestry National Corporation, Sudan, as Production Control Officer seconded to the Sudan Gum Arabic Company for two years. He has also worked in different capacities at the College of Forestry and Range Sciences, including Head Department of Silviculture, Dean of the Faculty, Head of the Research Unit and Secretary of University of Sudan Research Council. Dr Eldoma has worked as a coordinator for The Sudan Finland Forestry Program, and The Sudanese-Japanese Dry Land Research Group, sponsored by the Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan. He has conducted several research projects and supervised many Postgraduate students at MSc and PhD levels. He is currently working as the Project Manager of the Natural Resources, Land Use Data Base and map for Darfur, implemented by the GAF AG Company based at Munich, Germany. Dr Eldoma has authored two books and 22 journal articles.

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