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Ahmed Abbas

State Coordinator



Location: Damazine, Sudan


Ahmed Abbas has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector and earned a Bachelor’s degree of Administrative Information System from the Blue Nile University in Sudan. While working as a Field Supervisor with PACT Consultancy in Sudan which working as a third party monitoring for food distribution activities for World Food Programme in Damazine, Ahmed is working closely with internally displaced persons who are fled due to the conflicts in the Blue Nile state, his main role is to ensure that the beneficiaries receiving their right quantity and good quality of food entitlements as well as ensuring the IDPs protection and gender equality policies is applied on as required. Previously, he worked as an Administrative Assistant and Traffic Monitor for World Food Programme in Damazine field office which provide displaced persons with food aids. Ahmed is very active in the field of the social media and he has created many online platforms which assisting youth and fresh graduate to found a good work and scholarships opportunities. Bachelor’s degree in Administrative Information Systems

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