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Adil Abdel Aati

Location: Warsaw, PolandLocation: Atbara, Sudan


Adil Abdel Aati was born in the city of Atbara (River Nile State), in the Republic of Sudan on 04/02/1966. Adil worked professionally  in the areas of education, journalism, media, publishing translation, business services and NGOs. Adil is very active in the fields of Civil Society and NGOs Activities. He is  a permanent member of the International Chapter of the Order of Smile, based in Swidnica, Poland (March 2012- Present). Adil Abdel was also active politically. He was the founder of the  Liberal Party in Sudan where he held different positions,including being the Acting President of LP (January 2015-January 2016) . Now he is a Strategic Adviser of the President of Liberal Democratic Party, Sudan.  Adil also is honored to be the Patron of the Liberal Youth Forum of  the Republic of South Sudan (October 2010-Present).  He was the Vice-Chairman of Africa Liberal Network, responsible for East Africa Region (2012-2014) . He  was Sudan representative in the Alliance of Democrats, Rome, Italy till its Extinction  in 2012. Adil Abdel Aati is active in intellectual and cultural movement in Sudan, Africa and Poland. He published hundreds of articles (in Arabic, English and Polish) in Sudanese, Arabic and Polish newspapers and on the web on political, cultural, historical fields (1985-present). Adil was a Publisher of a number of books and publications and he is an Electronic Publisher as well. Adil is the Author of the only book written by Sudanese about Ali Abdel Latif ” Ali Abdel Latif and the roots of Sudanese Liberalism” published in Arabic Language in Khartoum, Sudan, 2016 . He is the Co-Author of  “Afrykanski_wygnaniec” ( African Exile :Identity and Human Rights in the Horn of Africa) published in Polish language in  Warsaw, Poland , 1999. He published also more than ten electronic books and booklets available in Arabic in his own web site. Adil Entered elementary, middle and high Schools in Atbara, Sudan. He studied later at the Faculty of Law at Cairo University, Khartoum Branch ( Now Nileen University) in  Khartoum, Sudan in the years  1985-1988. In Poland he studied Polish Language and Literature at University of Łodż in the academic year 1988-1989. He studied journalism and political science at  the faculty of  Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw (1989-2004) and at Warsaw School of Journalism (2005-2007). Adil has interred many courses and training (1997-Present) and gained several certificates in the fields of IT, Finance,  Services and Leadership

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