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Abubakr Mohammad

Location: Salford, UK


I am conservation biologist and a naturalist. My interests include: Biodiversity, Ecology, Micro-habitat studies, Ornithology, and conservation. Mainly interested in the studies of Medical Entomology, Reptiles and Amphibians, their evolution and systematics as well as in Scorpions.
My working experience is field-based and includes:
– Field Management of Waste water treatment Bioremediation systems, including;
– lab based land remediation and bioremediation assessments;
– Ecological site monitoring and maintenance;
– Biodiversity monitoring and habitats assessment within natural and artificial wildlife habitats;
– Bird census and counting for further ecological purposes;
– Wildlife biology surveys for educational and extension purposes including rural development and local communities involvement;
– Implementation and supervising protected areas management plans and liaison with governmental policies and regulations;
– Field surveys, and data collection for wildlife conservation,biodiversity projects and scientific research programs;
– Supervision and participation of research studies and projects;
– Coordinate staff monitoring, training, development, and competency evaluation;
– Create structured training programs for the local communities, involving presentations related to my field of experience;
– Health and Safety assessment, including staff and equipment safety;
-Sustainable ecology management;
-Environmental Management and conservation for Endangered / Conflicting Species(Fauna and Flora).

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