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Mohamed (A Aziz) Bashir (Hussein) Ahmed (Alsawi)

Ex-Diplomat and Writer


BSc (Hons)

Location: London, UK
Website: Personal


Sudanese writer, retired diplomat. Ministry of Finance between 1964 and 1970 before joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, member of a batch of ten chosen through due process in the context of the The Diplomacy and Development Strategy adopted at the time. He served mainly in The Economic Department at The H Q  which was in charge of  bilateral, regional and multinational economic relations, participating in relevant conferences and negotiations etc..etc. Was posted for short periods in Belgium,Geneva ( European HQ of The UN ) and West Germany ( Bonn ). Dissatisfied with the work environment in the Ministry due to the increasing interference of the May dictatorship , he took two long periods of leave without pay to prepare for an alternative career : study period in Germany ( 1981-85 ) and, having decided to leave diplomatic corps, involved in the publishing business and free lance writing in Britain since 1987. His dismissal by The INGAZ regime occurred in 1992. Main focus of his writings is the dilemma of democracy in Sudan seen primarily as the absence of an Enlightenment Age in the European model which  created the conditions necessary for establishing a viable democracy. Educational reform and promotion of civil society activities, are proposed as charting the Sudanese course to Enlightenment . Main publications : ( Democracy Without Enlightenment ? Two parts, Azza and A.Karim Mirghany P C ,2010- 2016, Breaking The Vicious Circle of the Sudanese Dilemma , Shafaq Pub.2018. His writing also included a number of studies and articles consecrated to critical evaluation of The Arab Nationalist Movement. As a founding member of the Arab Baath Socialist Party in Sudan during the early sixties, he was also one of the founders of the group of Party members  who launched an attempt for democratic  renewal movement in The Sudanese and Arab-wide Party during the early eighties. Some of these writings were published in : From the ( Arab )Nationalist  to The Democrat, Two prints, Dar Altalia, Beirut 1995, Dal Amussawarat, Khartoum 2016.

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