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Dr. Abbas Sadig

Media Planner, Researcher & Developer



Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


Journalist and media teacher since 1984, Published Books: Internet Journalism, published in Abu Dhabi. 2004; Computer Assisted Reporting, published in Lebanon, 2006; Internet and scientific research, published by the Emirates Center for Researches and Strategic studies Abu Dhabi UAE 2007; New Media published in Amman 2008; A Guide to establish satellite channels, a study book published in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2008; Free Media Zones in the Arab world, Case study: Media Zones in the UAE. A study presented to the Emirates Center for Researches and Strategic studies Abu Dhabi UAE.
Conferences and papers: The conventional and new applications of the Arab online journalism. A conference paper. The future of the Internet journalism in the Gulf region and Arab world Conference – Sharjah university 22-23 Nov. 2005; New Media innovations in the Arab satellite channels. A conference paper. The University of Sharjah conference on Arab satellite channels and national identity – Sharjah University 11-12 Dec. 2007; Digital image as a key element in the structure of the new media, Requirements for processing and use in Internet and multimedia. A conference paper. Philadelphia University Conference on the culture of image, Amman, Jordan 26-24 April 2007; New media: a study in its technological transformations and general characteristics, a periodical magazine paper, The Arabic open Academy in Denmark magazine. Issue No. 2, 07/05/2007. BRØNSHØJHOLMS ALLE 45, 1. SAL, 2700BRØNSHØJ – KØBENHAVN DENMARK; Approaches to scientific research on the Internet, A periodical magazine paper. The Academy, Sixth Issue, summer 2002. Issued by Universal Academy.  Prout Grove, Neasden NW 10 1PU London UK; Innovative Techniques of News in the Digital Era , Digital Media and Electronic Communication International Conference , Le Havre University , France , June 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2016; Sources of theorizing and building concepts on new media, A paper presented to the University of Bahrain conference on New Media, 7 –9 April, 2009; Multimedia Applications in the Arab Radios Websites.  , A study presented to the Arab Broadcast Union ASBU, Tunis; A paper entitled: Sources of Theorization of  New Media, from Vannevar Bush to Nicholas Negroponte, the University of Bahrain conference on new media, 7 to April 9, 2009; A paper on the Innovative Television Applications in the Era of New Media ,  Forum of the New Media Chair ,  Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Mar 22, 2009; A paper on Cross Media Applications in Multi-platform Media Organization, International Conference on Communication and Media , Communication and Society: Challenges and Engagement; A working titled: New Media , Challenges and Opportunities, Mecca , Muslim World League conference on Media Challenges in the Era of Globalization, 5-7 Dhu al-Hijjah 1431 AH, November 11-13, 2010; A paper about The Making of  News in  the Traditional and New Media Environment , Social Media Conference, Faculty of Communication ,  Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University , November 10, 2015; A paper titled: Uses Social Networks Among Young People,  Mecca Conference, The Muslim World League , Muslim Youth and New Media, 3-4 / 12/1436 AH 16-17 / 9/2015; A paper  titled “Innovative Techniques of News In the Digital Era , The International conference on Digital Media & Electronic Communication, University of Le Havre, France, 1-2 June. 2016.
Profession: Journalist since 1984; New media researcher; Journalism teacher.
Qualifications: 2002 PhD. In Media and journalism (Online journalism) – Omdurman university SUDAN; 1997 Master in Media and journalism – Omdurman University (Computer assisted journalism); 1989 Post graduate diploma in communications. Omdurman University SUDAN; 1984 B.A of ART، Sudan University for science and technology; 1992 Daj Hammarskjöld fellowship for journalists (UN HQ) New York; 2001 Thomson foundation fellowship for journalists; 1984/2002 Courses of computer and internet in USA and Sudan.

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