Day Two – Saturday 4th December 2021

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Session (3)

09:30- 11:00

Chair: Prof. Joseph M. Ntayi, Makerere University, Uganda
Rapporteur: Dr. Anji Benhamed, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Prof. Ghada Mohamed Amer

Assessing the Relationship between Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in the MENA Region: An Empirical Investigation

Dr. Abdelhadi BenghalemProf. Samir Maliki, Dr. Mourad Kertous, Dr. Nathalie Hilmi

The Determinants of Digital Entrepreneurship by informal MSEs in Egypt

Dr. Rania Miniesy, Mahitab Shahin,Prof. Hadia Fakhreldin

11:00- 11:15Tea/Coffee Break

Session (4)


Chair: Eman Mustafa, University of Westminster, UK
Rapporteur: Dr. John Buchana, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Minority status and self-employment: The mediating role of personal initiative

Emmanuel Wandera, Nkote Nabeta, Prof. John Munene and Dr. Sarah Kanaabi

Renewable Energy: A Sustainable Solution to Africa’s Development Challenges?

Amna Haroon

The Role of Strategic Planning in the Sustainable Development of the Sudan

Dr. Adil Dafa’Alla, Elmouiz Hussein

12:45-14:00Tea/Coffee/Lunch Break

Session (5)


Chair: Prof. Samir Maliki, University of Tlemcen, Algeria
Rapporteurs: TBC

Theory of Russian doll effect on AI Gaming industry

Prof. Doaa Salman Abdou and Omar Mohamady

Strategic orientations in small business: A dynamic capability perspective

Dr. Hussein-Elhakim Al Issa

Gender Income Inequality in Saint Lucia

Janai Leonce, Dr. Mahalia Jackman