Submitting your profile

Submission Date: 25 October 2017 (10% discount if submitted by 25 October 2017)

In order to submit your profile for the inclusion in the directory, please follow the submission guidelines mentioned below:

  1. Your entity’s profile (1-2 A4 full pages) must have a concise and clear statement of the aims and objectives of the PPPs program(s) or other relevant subject delivered by the entity and how you see your program preparing graduates for successfully leading various institutions within the public and private sector as well as international organisations and NGOs. More specifically we are keen to see how your PPPs program(s) or other subject will help improving the contribution of the private sector to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and stimulate the private sector interest to engage in partnership with the United Nations system organisations as well as to improve efficiency in the use of resources.
  2. Provide accurate sources of information for all claims included in your profile and you can include links to as many web pages as you feel appropriate.
  3. Provide essential data about your entity including website address, contact person, email, number, etc.
  4. Keep paragraphs and sentences short and simple and use active voice, as it will be available to readers worldwide and to those whom English may not be their first language.
  5. All submissions must be written in English. All abbreviations must also be translated into full English.
  6. Profiles should be submitted electronically (Awards Manager: in A4 size word document, size 12, Cambria font and double-spaced. Email to:
  7. All artwork must be supplied in full colour (CMYK) and be 300dpi (dots per inch) or over.
  8. Only TWO illustrations are allowed. Diagrams, figures, photographs or tables must be placed at the end of the profile, rather than in text.
  9. Your inclusion in the directory will be judged by a group of distinguished international academic and professional experts (Academic Advisory Board – EAB) in issues relating to PPPs, public policy and management.
  10. The submission deadline is 25th October 2017 but if you make your submission by 25 September 2017, you will be eligible for 10% discount of the Standard Fee as well as the chance to selected in a random draw of Five entities to receive tickets to attend the conference in the Palais des Nations – Geneva
  11. Submission fee includes:
    • Inclusion of your submission in the 2018 Directory which provides an excellent opportunity to show your PPPs program(s) or relevant subject during the conference to the whole world including top experts in the field of PPPs, UN and high government officials and policy makers, company directors, etc.
    • Three complementary copies of the Directory.
    • Two copies of the 2018 edition of WASD prestigious World Sustainable Development Outlook 2018 focusing on PPPs.
    • Two copies of WASD Sustainability Directory 2018 focusing on PPPs.