Sunday 21st February 2021
Session One (09:00-11:00) Higher Education and Sustainable Development Goals
Higher Education and its challenges in MENA region: some key strategies to achieve SDG’s
Session Two (11:00-12:30) Higher Education Leadership and Future Strategies
Higher Education Leadership during Covid-19: A case of Qatar
Higher education in Libya and lessons learned after the Corona pandemic
Session Three (13:30-14:00) Keynote
University of Southampton: Sustainability Strategy Overview
Session Four (14:00-15:30) Languages and Social Policy Perspectives on Higher Education
Towards an Integrated Model of the Sustainable University: A Case Study of Qassim University
Role of Media Literacy in Teaching English Classes at departments of English at the Libyan universities in Post-Pandemic Coronavirus
Higher Education In MENA: A Social Policy Challenge
Session Five (15:30-16:30) Teaching and Learning Quality and Excellence
Monday 22nd February 2021
Session Six (09:30-11:00) Keynote
Higher Education Leadership and Management
H. E. Professor Intisar Al-Zein Saghiroun
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Sudan
How AUC meets Sustainable Millennium and Higher Education Development Goals during the Pandemic
Session Seven (11:00-12:30) E-Learning and Game-Based Learning Platforms
E-learning and the digital divide role in transforming higher education in Sudan: An exploratory case study analysis
E-learning as Antibiotic for Potential Harms of Covid-19 on Accounting Education System in Arabic Countries
Session Eight (12:30-14:30) Future Strategies and Approaches for Higher Education
Institutional governance in Yemen universities
Institutional governance in Yemen universities
Future Application of Game-Based Learning as a Platform for Reflective Learning Associated with Entrepreneurship Education in the MENA Region