Call for Vice Chancellors

As a World Leader in Sustainability Conferences and Forums, WASD attracted many senior academics and executives including universities’ Vice Chancellors from across the world to meet and share their experiences about new ideas and learn about all aspects of the world Sustainable Development (SD) and the United Nations Agenda 2030. WASD therefore, provides various platforms for senior universities’ executives to discuss issues relating to the role and relevance of universities and research institutions to the contemporary discourse of countries’ sustainable inclusive knowledge-based development such as:

  • the role of universities in supporting and enhancing the process of economic and social development in their country;
  • identify all major obstacles that universities face in their countries including any governments components and most importantly how can these obstacles best be overcome; and
  • what is the new role(s) of universities in the post Covid-19 era. 

During the conference, selected universities’ Vice Chancellor or Dean will be provided with the golden opportunity of several levels of engagements such as taking part in one of the various keynote speakers’ panel discussions.

You can browse these few examples of talks by senior academics from our previous events.