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Welcome Remarks and Introduction to IJSR
Macro-Microeconomic Analysis; Knowledge Economy Analysis; Forecasting & Modelling; Social Media Content Analysis; E-Learning Content Development
Development Economics; Productivity Analysis; Digital Economy; Productivity & Environment; Bioeconomy; Islamic Finance & Microfinance; Poverty; Economic Growth; Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship; Knowledge Economy; Foreign Direct Investment; Institutional Economics; Poverty; Economic Growth
Economic Development; Macroeconomics for DCs; Financial Economics; Econometrics; Strategic Planning; SMEs & Entrepreneurship; Governance & Institutional Change
Organ-on-a-chip; Tissue Engineering; Biomaterials; Food Chemistry; Gum Arabic (Polymer chemistry)
Engineering; Industry; Education; Strategic Planning; Sustainable Development
Sudan Public Health Network UK: Health inequalities; Disadvantaged or vulnerable groups; Health system strengthening; Universal health coverage; Primary health care/Family Medicine; Health insurance; Causes of mortality and morbidity; Quality of life, healthy life expectancy; Lifestyle medicine; Communicable and non communicable diseases; Neglected tropical diseases; Quality improvement; Medical education; Health promotion; Risk communication; Learning from COVID; System leadership; Dental public health
Digital Transformation; Artificial Intelligence; Knowledge Management; Data Science; Big Data Analytics; Data Mining & Machine Learning
Product Innovation; Fraud Prevention & Ant-Money Laundering; FX & International Money Transfer; Banking & Mortgage Loans; Commercial Lending