Guidelines for hosting WASD conferences

WASD, unlike many other organisations, do not charge the host institution any charge/fee for hosting the conference, instead our policy is for the host institution is to cover the total cost of the conference (venue, 3 lunches, 2 dinners, coffees, etc). Most universities in the world, particularly in Europe, start the academic year during September of each year and it is therefore very important to choose the right time for your conference to attract as many participants as possible from all over the world. Try to avoid any major religious festive period such as the fasting month of Ramadan and similar events as we have many participants attend our conferences from the Middle East and other Muslim countries. Based on previous experiences, you need to be very clear with all participants and your chosen hotel for the conference/accommodation that you university/WASD do not accept any money on behalf of any participant and that all participants are fully responsible to settle their bill with the hotel. We also recommend that you revise the total number of rooms reserved/booked very carefully in the hotel to avoid paying for them later. The prospective host will be required to administer the conference and carry out the following responsibilities:
  • The Conference Organising Committee (OC) will consist of representatives from the host university and WASD as required.
  • The OC will be responsible for the selection of Chairs and Co-Chairs of each conference research track and presentation session.
  • A member of the host institution will serve as Conference Co-Chair on behalf of the host university.
  • The host school is required to cover the cost of the 3 lunches, 2 dinners (including the awards banquet), coffee/tea breaks, etc from the money donated by sponsors. The university is entitled to any surplus it will receive from sponsors and WASD will not be involved at all in any sponsor’s money that the host will manage to collect.
  • The host school may invite participation of other institutions, companies or agencies to serve as secondary sponsors and co-sponsors, as long as such collaboration is within the confines of WASD contractual obligations. Again, WASD will not be involved at all in any sponsor’s money that the host will manage to collect.
  • Coordinating social and entertainment events for delegates such as site visits to tourist attractions and local business to further enrich the experience of delegates.
  • Seeking, and obtaining, on-site staff support to handle the registration booth and direct delegates on a day-to-day basis.
  • Local planning and arrangements (hotels, meeting rooms, room blocks for delegates, banquet facilities, etc).