Jomaa Khutbah

Speaker: Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir

The day of Jomaa it is given this name because Muslims gather in it at Zohar time to preform Salat al-Jomaa. Jomaa is the day Allah (SW) created Adam (AS), then entered into Janah and removed from it on Jomaa as well. It is also going to be the day of resurrection. Zohar Salah is prayed four Rak’ as silently however Jomaa is prayed two Rak’ as loudly and it is said that the Khutbah is equivalent to the other two Rak’ as of Zohar. As a result, you are not supposed to speak or make any noise while the Khutbah is taking place otherwise your Jomaa is void. The Prophet (PBUH) encouraged Muslims to arrive early for Jomaa and the earlier you arrive the greater the reward in sha Allah. The Khutbah plays a great role in the spiritual life of the Muslim, therefore we decided with the help of Sudan Knowledge to deliver the Khutbah every Friday because of the Coronavirus lockdown. This is primarily to continue the spiritual development of Muslims while they are unable to attend the prayer in the Mosque. This will in sha Allah continue until the lockdown is totally lifted and we hope that you can share the link with others.