Hope for Opportunity

Hope for Opportunity is a Media platform: showcasing Syrian refugees successful stories. In addition to the educational part, the initiative includes a media platform that aims to showcase the stories of Syrian refugees to the world, who became successful in their fields of experience and knowledge. Since the beginning of the Syrian refugees’ crisis, most of the stories have been dominated by numbers, but few tackled the personal and human aspects of it. At the same time, most of the opportunities platforms target the people who are looking for opportunities and not the organizations who offer the opportunities. Therefore, our media platform will target organizations, companies, universities and others who are willing to support Syrian refugees in different camps across the world specifically those who are searching for opportunities such as educational scholarships, talent sponsorship, job opportunities, etc. This way, the platform will be the medium between refugees who lack access to opportunities and organizations who are willing to help and support.

Moderator: Suaad Al Hammadi, UAE