Digital transformation and sustainable development for future women leaders

Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development for Future Women Leaders

Two day intensive workshop
Saturday 8th – Sunday 9th June 2019 (9:30-15:30)
United Nations Environment, Nairobi – Kenya 

This two-day workshop will be facilitated by world renowned experts in Digital Transformation (DT) and Sustainable Development (SD) and has been designed to introduce a variety of fundamental perspectives on DT and SD to build future women leaders in public and private sectors who are able to understand and deal with future challenges. With the launch of the 2030 Agenda for SD and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the path to global development needs to be more collaborative than ever. How can technology contribute and enhance SD is the main issue which will be addressed during this workshop. Digital technologies in particular have spread rapidly (such as the Internet, mobile phones, etc) and therefore the impact of digital technologies on SD is very important aspect of the overall success of DT initiatives. Based on the assumption that technology must be widely used and freely accessible to have an impact, knowledge systems and knowledge economy seem to open up new and varied avenues to be explored in the direction of sustainability.

In addition, future leaders and decision makers will learn effective techniques and approaches to make better choices within the context of their organisations, gather information and assess alternatives; they will also be able to make decisions and develop ways to implement those decisions to their organisation’s effective transformation. Participants will acquire comprehensive knowledge and practical experience about DT approaches in alignment with the local needs and capabilities. It is a great opportunity for participants to gain good knowledge and understanding of SD and gain background information on SDGsThe workshop will provide new perspectives sand some conclusions and recommendations for future leaders to explore some of the opportunities from the digital revolution and how these opportunities can be improved to better serve their goals.

Profile of targeted participants

  • The workshop covers materials for all levels from supervisory through to senior level.
  • Government officials: minsters, undersecretaries, directors, etc.
  • Private sector: CEOs, managers and directors responsible for transformation, project, programme, performance, excellence, knowledge, innovation or change management.
  • Experienced managers who have significant futures-oriented management responsibilities, and who are interested in reflecting on their own experience and discovering new ideas.
  • Academics including vice chancellors, deans, heads of departments, researchers and students who are interested in AI, KM and date science and in being part of an engaging educational experience that explore the challenges and opportunities that face organizations.
  • Youth, NGOs (voluntary) and civil society groups (public).
  • Professionals, SMEs, Start-ups and other stakeholders. Also, Entrepreneurs who are looking for establishing their own firms and SMEs.
Program Overview
  • There will be an activity or set of activities for each session. These will be designed to help you engage with the introduction to the theories explored within the workshop.
  • Your tutor will be on hand to guide you through the workshop and will expect you to bring to bear personal experience and reflection on the topics covered.
  • Group work will be required for participants to engage in the workshop. Such activity allows participants to embed the new knowledge within their experience through active discussion and challenge.

DAY ONE (Saturday 8th June 2019) 09:30-15:30 

  • (09:30-09:45) Arrival Refreshment, welcome and introduction
  • (09:45-11:00) Concepts you need to know and understand in the realm of digitalisation
  • (11:00-11:15) Coffee/Tea Break
  • (11:15-12:30) FAIR principles for data management
  • (13:15-14:30) Strategic alignment and DT enablers
  • (14:30-14:45) Coffee/Tea Break
  • (14:45-15:30) Discussion and reflection

DAY Two (Sunday 9th June) 09:30-15:30 

  • (09:30-09:45) Arrival Refreshment and reflection on day two
  • (09:45-11:00) Understanding SD and SDGs
  • (11:00-11:15) Coffee/Tea Break
  • (11:15-12:30) How can technology and knowledge contribute and enhance SD?
  • (13:15-14:30) Future leadership in practice
  • (14:30-14:45) Coffee/Tea Break
  • (14:45-15:30) Discussion and reflection – Next steps

Course material

Included in the workshop fee, the following learning materials will be provided:

  • Admission to all sessions.
  • All overhead slides.
  • Case studies (print and video).
  • Certificate of attendance.

You can either register to attend ONLY the workshop or extend your registration to attend also the UNEP/WASD conference which will follow the workshop immediately in the period 10-12 June 2019, if you register for both events you can benefit from a large discount offered by the organisers. To register for the workshop and/or the conference please click on the link above and please contact Janet Snow at: if you have any question and/or if you would like to discus any discount for group registration.