Artificial Intelligence and Data Science the New Normal

The workshop will be facilitated by world renowned experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science (DS), Knowledge Management (KM) and Digital Transformation (DT).


This workshop has been designed to introduce a variety of fundamental perspectives on AI and DS to build future leaders in public and private sectors who are able to understand and deal with future challenges particularly post Covid-19. The workshop will explain how AI is about designing and building computer-based artifacts to make various human tasks easier.

The workshop aims to enable leaders and decision makers to introduce fit-for-purpose AI and DS applications and approaches to their organisations in the post Covid 19 era.

Participants will realise how much AI has the potential to make our lives better in almost all fields. It gives us the tools necessary to learn from and capitalise on human experience, and perform complex tasks such as recommending solutions based on processing large amounts of data.

What will you learn

(1) Understanding the key digital challenges and opportunities senior leaders face in leading complex organisations and how to become an aspiring leader.
(2) Working and influencing dynamics in organisations, including effective networks development and DS for managers and leaders.
(3) Understand the difference between AI, machine learning and deep learning. Also Data Analytics, Big Data and strategic alignment and DT facilitators.
(4) Learn problem solving techniques, description, representation using AI and/or DS.
(5) In addition, participants will have insight into: critical analysis; interactive and team working; creativity; and problem solving in response to the various challenges in the post Covid 19 era. Using participants’ own organisations as cases, participants will explore how and when they can establish AI and DS initiatives in their organisations and who should be involved.

 Benefits for employers

Understanding the potential of AI and KM on your organisation/career in terms of productivity, engagement, loyalty and retention.

Understand evolving organisational requirements post Covid-19.

The opportunity for employers to showcase their role in different fields.

At the end of the workshop participants should have acquired comprehensive knowledge and practical experience about AI and DS applications and approaches in alignment with the local needs and capabilities.

Understand evolving international requirements for achieving the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its 17 SDGs.

Profile of Target Beneficiaries

* The workshop covers materials for all levels from supervisory through to senior level.
* Government officials: minsters, undersecretaries, directors, etc.
* Private sector: CEOs, managers and directors responsible for transformation, project, programme, performance, excellence, knowledge, innovation or change management.
* Experienced managers who have significant futures oriented management responsibilities, and who are interested in reflecting on their own experience and discovering new ideas.
* Academics including vice chancellors, deans, heads of departments, researchers and students who are interested in leadership and in being part of an engaging educational experience that explore the challenges and opportunities that face organizations.
* Youth, NGOs (voluntary) and civil society groups (public).
* Professionals, SMEs, Start-ups and other stakeholders.

Programme structure 

For each session there is an activity or set of activities. These are designed to help you engage with the introduction to the theories explored within the workshop.

Your tutor will be on hand to guide you through the course and will expect you to bring to bear personal experience and reflection on the topics covered.

At an additional cost, after competition of the workshop, attendees to write a report, supported by the tutor, of what they have learnt and what is particularly relevant to their employers. A focus to be one aspect of the workshop which has implications for the way they will improve their professional practice when they return to their employers. This will help reassure the employers of the benefits of the programme and help consolidate the understanding of the manager.

This is box title

08:30-09:00 – Registration and Check-in online
09:00-09:50 – Welcome and introduction to post Covid-19 era management and leadership challenges
10:00-10:50 – Strategic alignment and digital transformation enablers
11:00-11:50 – Group discussion and Q/A
12:00-12:30 – Lunch Break
12:30-13:20 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
13:30-14:20 – Data science for managers and leaders
14:30-15:00 – Group discussion and Q/A

08:30-09:00 – Check-in online and reflection on day one
09:00-09:50 – Managing people, information and processes
10:00-10:50 – Artificial intelligence and Deep Learning
11:00-11:50 – Group discussion and Q/A
12:00-12:30 – Lunch Break
12:30-13:20 – Data Analytics
13:30-14:20 – Machine Learning
14:30-15:00 – Group discussion and Q/A

08:30-09:00 – Check-in online and reflection on day two
09:00-09:50 – Transformative leadership
10:00-10:50 – Blockchain, simulation and decision support system
11:00-11:50 – Group discussion and Q/A
12:00-12:30 – Lunch Break
12:30-13:20 – AI and DS readiness assessment for your organization
13:30-14:20 – AI and DS for achieving SDGs
14:30-15:00 – Group discussion and Q/A

Registration and course material 

To register for the workshop please contact the workshop coordinator Janet Snow at:

Included in the workshop fee, the following learning materials will be provided: