Advanced professional skills, leadership and performance improvement

Professional skills, leadership and performance improvement in 21st Century at all levels are becoming increasingly dynamic and complex. Both the public and private sector organisations are confronted by environmental factors such as economic, political, sociological, technological, and legal challenges. The need for leaders and managers at all levels to successfully meet these challenges requires a comprehensive appreciation and understanding of their roles, goals and the expected competencies. The workshop will be facilitated by world renowned experts in Leadership and Management; Human Resources Management and Personnel Development; Interpersonal Skills and Talent Management; and Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation. In this course, our experts and consultants will share the peak skills that can optimize staff performance to attract and retain talent and help them develop the skills that keep your organization competitive


  • This five-day workshop has been designed to focus on the professional skills which enable people to develop effective performance across a wide range of settings since the survival of most organisations in this dynamic and complex environment rest squarely on how they leverage on these key skills.
  • The workshop will explain how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is designed to make various human tasks easier. Participants will therefore realise how much AI has the potential to make our lives better in almost all fields. It gives us the tools necessary to learn from and capitalise on human experience, and perform complex tasks such as recommending solutions based on processing large amounts of data. In addition, participants will have insight into: critical analysis; interactive and team working; creativity; and problem solving.
  • Future leaders and decision makers will learn effective techniques and approaches to make better choices. Participants will begin to understand the context of their organisations, gather information and assess alternatives; they will also be able to make decisions and develop ways to implement those decisions.
  • The workshop also aims to enable leaders and decision makers to introduce fit for purpose leadership styles and approaches to their organisation’s effective transformation. 
  • Using participants’ own organizations as cases, participants will explore how and when they can participate usefully in the social and economic life of the organization and look for opportunities to start their own businesses and improve the performance of businesses.

What will you learn?

  • Understanding the key challenges employees face in leading complex organisations and be able to find new ways of thinking and problem solving.
  • Working and influencing dynamics in organisations, including effective team and networks development.
  • Recognising cultural awareness and citizenship makes international cooperation easier. Respecting diversity allows creativity and imagination to flourish developing a more tolerant society.
  • Subjects covered within the workshop will include: introduction to strategy and planning; team effectiveness; change management; communication skills and speaking in public places; leadership skills and tactics; effective leadership; lessons learned from great leaders; and how to become an aspiring leader.

Benefits for employers

  • Understanding the potential of AI on your organisation/career in terms of productivity, engagement, loyalty and retention.
  • At the end of the workshop participants should have acquired comprehensive knowledge and practical experience about leadership styles and approaches in alignment with the local needs and capabilities.
  • After completion of the workshop, participants (supported by their tutor) will be required to write a report describing what they have learnt and what is particularly relevant to their employers. They will be given the choice to focus on one single perspective or to build a hybrid model that will help their employers to achieve their strategic and tactical goals. This will help reassure the employers of the benefits of the programme and help consolidate managers’ understanding.

Course material

Included in the workshop fee, the following learning materials will be provided:

  • Admission to all sessions.
  • All overhead slides.
  • Case studies (print and video).
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • E-copy of the workshop main text book


To register for the workshop please contact Janet Snow at: