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Prof. Kunirum Osia

Location: Maryland, USA


Dr. Kunirum Osia , in addition to his full time position with the Maryland State Department of Education has been an adjunct professor in the Department of Applied Psychology and Rehabilitation Counseling, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Coppin State University, Baltimore, Maryland  for the past 13 years where he teaches graduate courses on (a)Multicultural Issues to acquaint students with how cultural backgrounds could influence the provision of  services; to provide students with the repertoire of responsive human relationship kills; to describe cultural characteristics, values, strengths and major psychosocial issues confronting individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and many more. (b) Introduction to Rehabilitation in order to provide students with clear understanding of various aspects and modalities of rehabilitation process and concomitant legislative mandates; to acquaint students with theoretical, historical, philosophical and societal backgrounds of rehabilitation; to assist students understand the contemporary approaches to the delivery of rehabilitation services; to expose students to issues that confront individuals who provide human services. (c)Organization and Administration of Programs to provide students with an orientation to the principles and theories involved in program development, organization, and management; discuss budget preparation, evaluation and assessment of student skills and show how to determine and monitor appropriate caseloads, and various strategies of organizational change. Dr. Osia integrates his theoretical discussion with practical engagement by assigning students fieldwork experience. Other salient activities:  Prior to coming to Coppin State University, Dr. Osia was teaching International Political Economy, Seminars in international Relation and Comparative Government at the Central Michigan University at its (Extended Learning off campus at the Andrews Air Force Base outside of Washington, DC). Dr. Osia engages in many scholarly and intellectual endeavours. He has published 2 books and a third is in print on a certain aspect of the Nigeria-Biafra war. He has equally published several articles in peer-reviewed journals including chapters in edited books. He has presented several papers at national and international conferences at TOFAC 2012 and TOFAC 2013; Africa Conference 2012 and 2013 at the University of Texas at Austin respectively. On the strength of these accomplishments, Dr. Osia has regularly served as external examiner of many Ph. D. candidates in a number of universities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

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