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Location: Florida, USA


Daniel Petree is twice a graduate of Rockhurst University in Kansas City, receiving the BSBA in accounting and the MBA. He worked in a variety of financial management positions with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and as an adjunct faculty member until entering the PhD program at the University of Kansas. He earned this PhD from the KU School of Business, majoring in labor and human resources. While at KU, Dan worked as a research associate for the Institute of Public Policy and Business Research and as a research assistant for the National Bureau of Economic Research and established a consulting practice. Dan returned to Rockhurst to serve as a member of the faculty and first Executive Director of the Labor-Management Council of Greater Kansas City. The Labor- Management Council was a not-for-profit corporation owned by the major employers and labor unions in the metropolitan Kansas City area charged with improving the labor-management relationship for purposes of fostering regional economic development. Dan left the Labor-Management Council in 1989 to become Interim Dean of the School of Management at Rockhurst until 1991. He left Rockhurst to focus on his consulting practice, which has served large and small client organizations in a wide range of industries, including the FAA and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association who were working in the early 90’s to develop a cooperative organizational culture. Dan’s consulting areas have included labor-management relations, human resources, total quality and continuous improvement, organizational change and strategy and planning. In 1995 Dan joined the faculty of Concordia College in Moorhead Minnesota as the Chair of the Department of Business, Accounting and Economics. While there he lead the development of the college’s graduate programs, as well as the department’s first strategic plan and a comprehensive self-study. He also taught, advised students and continued his community service and consulting practice. Throughout his career, Dan has served on numerous academic, public and community committees, boards and advisory groups. He joined the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University as Chairperson of the Department of Aviation Business Administration on January 3, 2001. In August 2002 Dan was selected as Dean for the College of Business at Embry-Riddle, which was formally the Aviation Business Administration Department.

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