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Dr. Arwa M. Badreldin



Location: Cairo, Egypt


Arwa M. Badreldin is a former Lecturer of Clinical & Sports Nutrition at the Department of Clinical Nutrition, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, King Abdulaziz University and currently joining the National Nutrition Institute, Cairo Egypt, as a part-time lecturer. She had graduated from Kasr Elini School of Medicine, Cairo University and studied Clinical Pathology as a postgraduate before she had developed her interest in the nutrition field. Since then she has focused on research and studies related to nutrition field. She worked as a member of Osteoporosis Research Team at King Abdulaziz University, then she joined the Clinical Nutrition Department as an intern. Shortly after; she was awarded her Master Degree Certificate in Sports Nutrition from Loughborough University, UK. Then she joined the Clinical Nutrition Department, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, KAU, where she started her academia as a lecturer, where she established and supervised the internship program. At King Fahd Medical Research Center she started the establishment of Exercisem Physiology and Geriatric Research Unit. During her Academic years at KAU she had supervised many student research as well as joining her colleagues in researches and some published work. Her great interest is making evidence-based nutritional knowledge easy and accessible to public as well as health professionals.

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